Stomach and Digestive Health.

  • Proper digestion, absorption, and elimination are all part of a healthy digestive system. A healthy digestive system ensures that we efficiently absorb nutrients from our foods. Digestion is also extremely important for healthy immune function. A healthy digestive system ensures we absorb the maximum nutritional content from foods, preventing depletion and malnourishment. In this section you will find numerous products that will help maintain or rebuild stomach and digestive health.

Stomach Ease™ 100 Tablets - 250 Tablets

Nature’s Harmony® Stomach Ease™ is a herbal formula that acts as a gentle laxative to ease intestinal discomfort and bring safe relief from constipation.

Herbal Diuretic 100 Tablets - 250 Tablets

Nature’s Harmony® Herbal Diuretic is a traditional herbal combination derived from natural sources that helps to reduce water retention.

Pure Cayenne

Nature’s Harmony® Pure Cayenne is formulated from the herb Capsicum annuum. Each capsule of Nature’s Harmony® Pure Cayenne contains 470 mg of cayenne powder.