The Nature’s Harmony® Story.

  • Available in the Canadian marketplace since 1984, Nature’s Harmony® continues to focus on developing high-quality, scientifically-tested, products to meet the evolving needs of today’s consumers.

After Nearly 34 Years of Success, The People Behind Nature's Harmony® Know Quality & Deliver It.

To deliver on our promise, our product design team is constantly developing new formulations and sourcing advanced raw materials that meet not only our stringent requirements, but those of Health Canada’s Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD).

Most important, is providing the consumer with the information they need to feel comfortable and have trust in the Nature’s Harmony® products they are taking. All product claims are fact-based and supported by scientific research. Our informative, bilingual labeling is clear, concise and includes full disclosure of formulas, helping the consumer choose the best product to meet their specific needs.


Why Supplement with Nature’s Harmony®?

Research continues to show that in order to obtain optimum health and well-being, we must utilize a broad range of healing models – from ancient practices to modern medicine.

The present-day use of vitamins to improve health is largely based on herbal medicine from thousands of years ago. Now, clinical studies in nutrition and vitamin therapy are discovering the tremendous benefits of supplementing with these and many other alternative remedies.

The majority of us, although unaware, likely suffer from serious vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies. Today’s world is fast-paced and stress levels are often high. It is not uncommon for us to neglect our daily nutritional needs.

It is increasingly difficult to provide our bodies with foods that contain all the essential nutrients in the appropriate quantities. With the ongoing depletion of our soils, many farms are not producing nutrient-rich foods. It has become essential to supplement our diet, regardless of age, sex or lifestyle.